The Benefits of Learning English Online

The Benefits of Learning English Online

by James Harding

Due to globalization, English is used increasingly all over the world. It is used professionally everywhere and thus speaking and writing correct English is vital. There’s a chance that you too need to learn English but neither have the time or the financial capacity to attend actual English classes. Fortunately, this demand for the English language has also led to an increase in websites that offer to teach you English online.

While there are many free websites that offer to teach you English, there is one major problem with them: it is that while they succeed in introducing basic concepts, ultimately they are only able to introduce a very limited vocabulary to their users. Another major disadvantage of these websites is that due to the automated learning, learners are unable to learn how to converse fluently and confidently in English. As these websites don’t have any way to actually have a conversation with the learner, as a result, the learners are only able to speak a few phrases with confidence. If you can’t speak English properly, you will not be able to receive the full benefits of knowing another language.

However, websites like and recognize the need for real actual and not artificial interaction. Learning English through these websites is like actually being present in a classroom where you are the only student. This is because these websites use Skype to teach English.

Skype is teleconferencing software that enables you to connect with people online through audio and video calling. These websites use Skype to connect you directly to a Skype English teacher. This not only makes one-on-one interaction possible and makes it much easier to learn the language.

Interacting live with your teacher makes it much easier to comprehend the lessons, ask follow-up questions as well as gain confidence in your English speaking skills. The Skype English teachers are well-trained professionals and native English speakers. The courses have also been developed while keeping in mind that most people who will choose to study these courses are English as Second Language or ESL speakers. This makes these lessons accessible to people irrespective of their lack of proficiency in the language.

Both websites allow you to choose from various English courses as per your requirements and fluency level. You can even choose the course options that include General, Business, Exam, and Enterprise English. You can even opt for a free trial lesson to see if these Skype English lessons are suitable for you. If you are worried about what these lessons will cost you, you needn’t worry. The Skype English lesson prices depend on the course you choose as well as the number of classes you opt for. The websites also allow users to take tests in order to help them keep track of their progress. Amazing, isn’t it?

These websites are an excellent way of learning an entirely new language. You simply must give these lessons a try and see the difference for yourself.

About the Author

James Harding has been an English language instructor for the last 15 years, specialising in IELTS preparation and Business English. He has written articles for Macmillan Publishing and Oxford University Press. He currently resides in Bedfordshire England.

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