Liberals Turn on Senile Biden for Saying ‘Pandemic Is Over’

Liberals Turn on Senile Biden for Saying ‘Pandemic Is Over’

The unelected deranged president of United States, Joe Biden, declared the so-called pandemic over in a recent interview. The liberals who give Biden a free pass over most things were hurt and bashed him for it.

The New York Post posted the video clip of the segment of Bidden’ interview with CBS showing him answering the question whether the pandemic is over. Biden looked lost and frail as he answered:

The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. But the pandemic is over.

The answer didn’t sit well with the left. NYP cited comments from liberal politicians and media sources, challenging and even slamming Biden for declaring the pandemic over.

Keeping the global pandemic hoax going is a huge profitable business for the pharma-medical establishment that controls a lot of the political set-up using people’ money funneled to them for shots and treatments. Biden obviously stepped on the tale of this corporate serpent by saying the pandemic is over. As he is not in charge of decisions in and outside the White House, the White House effectively cancelled his comments by saying its pandemic policy is the same.

Since he was planted into the white house as the president via a massively rigged election in 2020, Biden has become a national and international object of ridicule due to his obvious mental health crisis. He is controlled by the establishment actors surrounding him and make him read from scripts; when he goes off-script, his comments are walked back and media tries to cover up for him. But in rare cases – like his recent pandemic comment – when Biden unwittingly crosses the line, his controllers put him back in his place. For now, the manufactured pandemic is a key weapon of political control for the left and they don’t want it declared over.

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