Keeping Entertained Through the Winter Months

Keeping Entertained Through the Winter Months

In collaboration with James Duggan

With frigid breezes and wet weather playing havoc with our established conceptions of what going outside for a breath of fresh air should entail, it’s no wonder that many individuals find it hard to acclimatize themselves with the transition between seasons. Angry with the world, they batten down the hatches and begin a new life indoors, soon realizing that their newfound domestic climes are not particularly conducive to having a healthy social, work or love life. On top of this, that old phantom boredom sets in, making the indoor drudgery even more tedious. Sitting around and listening to true crime podcasts and following the case after the Daniel Fung arrest is fun and everything, but you do need something to help you to keep your mind off of your winter boredom. The problem is in choosing what to do. When you can’t go outside to do much, you are quite limited. What can people do with their time during winter to offset these terrible issues of the internal?????????????????????????????????????????

The first thing sofa warriors should do is plug in their laptop. Yes, we use it all the time anyway, but during winter the need to have a strong internet connection becomes a startlingly important requirement. Next, buy a subscription to a film streaming service such as Netflix or LoveFilm; on those frosty nights when everyone you know has similarly entered a period of hibernation the frenetic ramblings of Charlie Day or the soft nostalgia of Frasier and Niles Crane will be your visual equivalent of Ovaltine, warming, sailing you through the months until March rears it’s beautiful head.

Online games are also a sure fire bet for the cold, bored individual. Winter is an excellent time to get engrossed in an RPG game- we suggest GTA V or Dead Island; at least in these games the thermometer (if there was one) won’t be persistently hovering around the zero mark. Laptop-based games are also great. Take UptownAces, where players can indulge in all manner of online games, even affording themselves the chance to win a little money in the process. With the proceeds you could even buy that new human-sized hot water bottle you’ve been yearning for since the start of October!

For when you really need to exercise your social muscles though there’s only one activity that’ll do; board games! Affix your crampons and venture into the abyss that is the under stairs cupboard, but don’t worry; yes those similarly hibernating spiders may be a terror, but the prize is worth the effort! Dusting off those perhaps antique copies of Monopoly, Boggle, Pictionary, Ker-Plunk and, for those that regularly dwell indoors, Settlers Of Catan, you’ll be inescapably filled with a sense of childlike warmth. Invite over some friends, open the case of beers or box of wine, and a hilarious and fun night will be your reward!

So you’ve heard our ideas regarding indoor winter activities, but we want to hear your suggestions! Post them in the comments section below.


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