John Hopkins Censors Analysis of COVID Mortality

John Hopkins Censors Analysis of COVID Mortality

Do educational institutions censor themselves when they spill out something politically incorrect? They sure do and the latest example is the all-famous John Hopkins University that recently retracted one of its own reports about COVID 19 mortality in the United States.

WND reported on Friday (November 27, 2020) reported that John Hopkins retracted on Thursday the report of a senior professor at the university, Genevieve Briand, since her analysis showed that the COVID 19 did not affect the overall death rate in America. The retraction did not go unnoticed and John Hopkins had to come up with an excuse to justify it.

But an editor’s note posted Friday said an article about her presentation published by the student newsletter has been “used to support dangerous inaccuracies that minimize the impact of the pandemic.”

Professor Briand’s report analyzed the CDC data on COVID 19 incidence and number of deaths in the US before and after the “pandemic” and found that the mortality rate among older people (senior citizens) remained the same before and after the COVID crisis. No such increase was seen in the mortality rate of seniors as experts had predicted repeatedly.

Interestingly, but surely as one would expect, the post-retraction note by the newsletter’s editor said that Briand’s claim on COVID mortality was not correct. This justification of self-censorship puts the editor’s own competence and integrity to serious question. How come a factually “incorrect” analysis was included in the newsletter on November 22 and then retracted only because it was reported to “support dangerous inaccuracies that minimize the impact of the pandemic”? The answer is simple and clear – political correctness.

With the act of self-censorship, John Hopkins joins many other institutions that filter out important facts and details, including expert analyses, from their own data and published materials when the said do not serve the politically designed narrative that is promoted as fact or science.


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