Is Your Bedroom Lacking Luxury?

Is Your Bedroom Lacking Luxury?

by Daniel Bell

Today, we are focusing on the bedroom. Look around your room and ask yourself, does it lack luxury? If yes is the answer, you’re in the right place. Below, we have put together a simple guide to updating your bedroom, to create a more luxe space.Bedroom

Get the color scheme spot on

I find that the color scheme of a space says a lot about a bedroom. For a room that’s beautifully elegant and classy, a neutral palette should be used. Bright, bold shades will make the space feel cheap and distasteful. Whereas, shades of white, cream, gray, gold, and silver will make it seem more luxurious.

Ask any design expert and they will tell you that for a luxe bedroom, neutrals are the way forward. Think about every luxurious hotel you have stayed in, and ask yourself what the color schemes of the rooms were. There’s a high chance that they all contained neutrals, like shades of white, cream and gold.

Be choosy about the accessories you opt for

The accessories that you put in your room are what will sculpt the look and style of the space. If you want to ensure that your bedroom is as elegant and classy as possible, you need to be choosy about the accessories that you invest in.

For instance, you might think that a rug is a rug, but there’s a big difference between a rug and a designer rug. A design that has been cheaply made will look cheap; there are no two ways about it. If you want to give your room a luxe look and feel, you need to invest in accessories.

Beautify your bed

In every bedroom, the focal point should always be the bed. When you step into the room, your bed should be the first thing that catches your eye. The best way to make your bed beautifully eye-catching is by picking a stunning frame design. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that any old bed will do, because it won’t.

Choose a frame that looks chic and elegant – something intricate and elaborate is ideal. For added luxury – if the room is large enough, pick a king size design. There’s nothing more wonderfully luxurious than an oversized bed, is there? As well as a chic bed, you also need to pick the perfect mattress. Opt for a design that’s super comfortable, such as one of these John Ryan by Design King size latex mattresses. When it comes to luxury, comfort really is key.


As any interior design expert will tell you, the most important thing when it comes to creating luxury, are the small details. The hardware, the designs on the furniture, the look of the ceiling – they might be small details, but they’re essential.

To add elegance to the room, consider having trim and molding added. Traditionally, all rooms had ceiling molding and wall trims, as this added to the luxe feel of the space. To give your bedroom a little added glamour, consider having a well-designed ceiling molding added, along with a chic wall trim.

And there you have it, all the best ways to add a little extra luxury to your bedroom.


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