Is USDA Bent on Playing with People’s Health?

Is USDA Bent on Playing with People’s Health?

Institutions and corporate interest are now so much in bed together that the very basic right to health and safety has been thrown out of the window. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a continued example in view here.

While the condition of the cruel poultry factories is already alarmingly unhygienic, Natural News informs that the USDA is in the process of passing new rules that will allow owner companies to do their own inspections. And if that was not enough, the new policy will let the companies use more health-threatening, toxic chemicals for treating meat prior to sale for public consumption. Allowing factories to wash all poultry in a chlorine solution is one terrifying aspect of this new policy. Since the inspections will be conducted by those who do the damage, all that will be at stake is people’s safety.

This recent report of USDA’s irresponsibility in policymaking is just one of the many stories revealed about institutions and departments in and outside the US. Just five days ago, a Food Safety News editorial informed people about USDA’s move to allow China’s involvement in chicken-slaughter industry in US so as to let American beef producers step into China’s thriving bovine slaughter market.

In this game of slaughter and dollars, one wonders whether there is any cap to such open sporting with people’s health – aka their lives – by self-interested institutions that are run by the taxpayers’ money. It’s an irony indeed that you pay people to let them help businesses that kill you slowly, and earn by it. In the end, you pay it all!

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