Insurance Spam Thriving on Fearmongering

Insurance Spam Thriving on Fearmongering

“What if you die tomorrow…” was the subject line of an email sent today by an insurance company to my email address, which I can swear I never gave them nor asked them for any kind of service or information.Woman of mature age with fear

Fearmongering is central to many industries, notably health and life insurance, all other kinds of insurances, and vaccination industry etc. They (note the plural pronoun) tell you what a horror it is to fall sick or die in future and make your present so full of fear that you are scared into buying their product, bare your arm (or butt) for a shot, or at least respond and ask for more information.

Well, no need to do any of these as you can just choose to ignore such messages, or better still, make use of the invaluable spam button on your email page and send the “life-saving” message where it truly belongs. And if you have time to do everyone greater service with your experience, why not share such email addresses/contact info on social media?

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