How to Stimulate Your Brain While In Quarantine

How to Stimulate Your Brain While In Quarantine

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The brain is the most important part of a human organism. Numerous researches have been carried out about the functioning and the structure of the brain, but it is so complex that we still do not know many things about it.

Stimulation and maintenance of the shape of the brain are crucial. It is very difficult to stimulate our brain in times of quarantine because everything is halted, and some people could not find proper ways to exercise the brain. In this article, we will talk about the things to do to exercise the brain while being at home.

Quarantine games

Read a lot of books… and differently

We will not talk about the importance of reading since this is a separate big topic. But to read differently, or in another way – this is one of the ways to become smarter and stimulate your brain. For example, learn speed reading. That is, learn to read several times faster than you usually do. There are a lot of materials on this topic, so you can easily find the method that suits you.

According to neurophysiologists, your brain will simply be forced to compare what you have imagined with what the author tells you. The result of this work will be an increase in the power of your brain and its indispensable development.

The brain’s resources will increase significantly, and its analytical and creative abilities will develop.

Play card games, especially poker

Yes, it is astonishing to hear this fact, but supposedly playing card games and in particular, poker stimulates your brain to a greater extent. Actually, some of the employees of a VIP casino in Canada decided to carry out research about this topic. When they distributed a Canadian VIP casino program to the players, they also asked one question about how playing poker impacted their mindset. Most of them wrote that while playing the game, they paid attention to the psychological factors, expressions of other players’ faces. And all these had a direct impact on the stimulation of the brain.

Proper nutrition

As you know, the brain is the most gluttonous and energy-consuming human organ in need of proper nourishment. Whole grains of bread, oatmeal, rice, buckwheat cereal, fruits, and most vegetables are very useful for the brain.

Walnuts are rich in lecithin, which has a beneficial effect on the cognitive functions of a person and activates memory.

Fish contains iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, it will help increase the reaction rate and lower blood cholesterol. Spinach is rich in lutein, which protects brain cells from premature aging.

Also, do not forget that for proper functioning, the brain absolutely needs enough water.

Doing sports

Neurologists have found that regular physical activity significantly improves blood flow to the brain, which has a beneficial effect on cognitive abilities.

That is why while playing sports, morning jogging or an active evening walk, it is recommended to listen to smartbooks or learn a foreign language in audio format. Especially in quarantine, exercising has become necessary to maintain the strength of the brain.

In this case, the information will be learned much better than if you were sitting at home on a comfortable sofa.

Right sleep

In our life, there is such a thing that adults love and children hate. As you guessed, this is sleep.

And even despite the fact that the effect of sleep on the human body is not fully understood, the harm of lack of sleep is an indisputable fact. Indeed, in a dream, the brain processes and assimilates the information received during the day, so if you regularly get enough sleep, you can cause great harm to your grey cells.

Another thing is that the duration of sleep is all individual. However, scientists argue that the average person needs to sleep at least 7, but no more than 9 hours.

Learning foreign languages

Learning a new skill and especially if it comes to learning foreign languages could be very helpful to your brain. It is forced to work actively to memorize information; thus, the stimulation increases. In general, any skill, if it is driving a car or playing an instrument, has a positive impact on the brain.

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