Homeless and Heartbroken Chloe Needs a Home to Stay Alive

Homeless and Heartbroken Chloe Needs a Home to Stay Alive

Young Chloe didn’t know one day she’ll be both heartbroken and housebroken, and end up in a dog shelter where her very life would depend on whether someone else gives her a home. But it happened to her and now she is up for a new home.

Chloe is two-and-a-half years young. She used to have a home until her owner had to move to a new place and could not take her there. She was surrendered to the Orange County Animal Services where she stays until some kind-hearted person opens their door to her. But if the shelter where she is staying runs out of space, they can start euthanizing the dogs as they have to create room for more dogs. In other words, she does not have forever or a very long time even before her life and her broken heart are saved.

This is Chloe’s page on the shelter’s site where you can see her information. Her ID number is A501215. Do you have room in your heart and your house to save this precious life? If so, please reach out to the shelter by email AnimalServices@ocfl.net or call 407-836-3111 and reference her ID number – which is A501215.

Chloe will be waiting for your call and would love to say a Woof – meaning thanks for calling for me – wagging her little tail in appreciation.

Orange County Animal Services
2769 Conroy Road
Orlando, FL 32839
(407) 836-3111

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