Get Ready for a Cold Season with These Super Tips

Get Ready for a Cold Season with These Super Tips

by Daniel Bell

When the weather gets dark, gloomy and cold, we want to do nothing more than stay indoors and get cozy. This season promises to give us a mixed bag of weather. But just in case the forecasts get it wrong, you need to make sure your home is ready to stand up to the coldest of nights. Here are my top 5 tips for getting ready for the winter:

Heating – You need to know that you can rely on your heating system. However it is powered or supplied, make sure it has been checked and serviced this year. Gas fired systems, in particular, can be very hazardous if something goes wrong. Have a look at to see what needs to be checked on your furnace this year. It’s definitely not the time to have a breakdown!

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Drainage – Winter often brings a lot of rain and even snow in some places. All this water has to go somewhere. If your guttering and drains aren’t clear, you may end up with run-off and standing water. Both of these can penetrate your building and cause damp and mold. In some cases, you might even find the water running into your house and causing a flood. If you can’t get to the gutters yourself, hire someone who can clear them out for you and check your drains are clear.

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Roof – Check your roof for signs of wear. You might even have a tile or slate missing. This can lead to water pouring in from your attic and causing lots of damage. If it looks wrong, it probably is. You’ll need a roofer to fix it. After high winds, it’s worth doing a quick check to see if any part of your roof has been dislodged or disturbed.

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Windows and Doors – Making sure your windows and doors are up to the job of keeping out drafts is important. It can save you a fortune in heating bills. And feeling that cold air on the back of your neck is horrible in the winter time! Use draught excluders across doors that aren’t in regular use. You can also buy fuzzy strips to help them sit in the frame more snuggly. If your window seals have perished, now is the time to replace them. And wooden window sills may need a quick repaint before the weather gets too bad.

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Throws and Blankets – On a really chilly night, it can be handy to have a throw or a blanket on the sofa. If you want to be super cozy, you can wrap yourself up and enjoy a warm night in front of the TV. Wooly socks and sweaters can help you feel nice and warm too. And don’t forget the thermal underwear!

Preparing your home for the colder season is important to keep you and your family warm. But it’s also essential to avoid expensive repair costs from weather damage. A few checks now could save you thousands. It’s important to take care with open fires and candles too. Keep warm and keep safe this season.

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