Germany Test-Flies First All-Electric Flying Car

Germany Test-Flies First All-Electric Flying Car

Fans of the popular 80s’ sci-fi action show V will be thrilled to see the new “flying car” that reportedly took its test flight couple days ago.

Lilium’s Flying Car

A ColdFusion video shows the design of the German-made Lilium flying car. Introduced as the world’s first fully electric VTOL jet, it bears a striking similarity to the small flying vessels used by the “visitors” in V.

The report has stirred curiosity as to whether this is going to be the future mode of transportation among public. Some guess it could be so in the next 5 years. But of now the question of affordability remains a barrier to that development.

Other questions regarding safety and management will be relevant in case the mass production of such cars is made possible. Likely, the question of whether it can be called a mini-plane or a flying car will be interesting to discuss as well.

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