Exposed: Vaccination Required by Schools Even for Online Classes

Exposed: Vaccination Required by Schools Even for Online Classes

As schools across America prepare for reopening but many for online classes, particularly in liberal/Democrat controlled states, yet another lie of the vaccine industry has been stripped of its wrapper: that vaccines are required to prevent spread of certain infections. Now, schools in different states require children to be vaccinated EVEN if they are taking the classes online while staying home.

In California, the vaccine mafia’s agenda shot straight out of the mouth of Kern County Public Health Services Department’s representative, Michelle Corson, when she was asked whether children not going to school in-person also needed vaccines. Her reply was—as you would guess—“Absolutely!”

In the KGET video interview, posted on Wednesday (August 12), Corson stressed that the law of getting vaccinated was in place for attending school regardless of whether classes were attended in person or online. She is then seen repeating the vaccine industry’s lies that measles was eliminated via vaccines, and children needed the shorts to be safe at home, the so-called herd immunity, blah-blah-blah.

Texas already has announced vaccine requirements for school students even those that won’t be going to school in person when schools re-open in fall.

No surprises there at all. Those aware of the vaccine mafia’s operation and the servitude of the education (read “indoctrination”) cartels know that mandatory vaccination rules have nothing to do with public health—except that they expose recipients of vaccines to serious health risks—and everything to do with furthering the business of the pharma/vaccine industry.

There is the bigger and more alarming implication here: the authorities are not asking for rights over children’s bodies at their schools but also outside school. In other words, the choice of what goes into a child’s body rests with the school administration or government and not with parents or guardians. It also proves the fact that the more compliant people get, the more aggressive the authorities grow in taking away people’s civil rights and liberty.

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