Ensure the Safe Return of Retired Military Dogs

Ensure the Safe Return of Retired Military Dogs

What could be more heartless than war? Abandoning the warriors who the politicians pit out there to fight the war while they (politicians) enjoy the amenities paid for by people’s money. And this kind of heartless is seen even today as canine warriors – as much part of the army as human soldiers – are not guaranteed a safe return to the United States.militarydogs

Close to a hundred thousand people have signed a petition on Care2 that urges the US Department of Defense to ensure the return of all military dogs to the US upon their retirement. The petition expresses concern over the possibility of these canine vets to be abandoned in war zones due to costs involved in bringing them back to US.

“These animals can’t speak for themselves, so it’s up to us to make sure the Department of Defense takes this proposal seriously,” says the petition, which is now 97L plus strong, and counting.

You can sign the petition online to speak for the safe return of their dogs.

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