Emirates Airlines Beats, Traumatizes Senior Black Passenger on Flight to Chicago

Emirates Airlines Beats, Traumatizes Senior Black Passenger on Flight to Chicago

Emirates did it again, and media has covered up for it.

ABC News reported on Thursday that some days ago, a 71-year-old black man traveling via Emirates Airlines from Dubai to Chicago was restrained by the flight crew that also beat the mean. The man’s family said he was punched in the face while he was helpless and wounded. The elderly man was kept tied up for several hours and left injured, hungry, and thirty.

Image @ Wikimedia

On landing at the Chicago O’Hare airport, the airline handed the passenger over to Customs and Border Protection who took the traumatized man to hospital in an ambulance. There is no police report filed by Emirates and no charges against the man; just that the airline claimed he was being “unruly”.

What kind of unruly behavior was the man engaging in that the crew had to beat and tie him and keep him in such a traumatizing condition that left him all bruised and scarred? The airline wouldn’t say even when contacted by ABC News team; the airline is quiet.

But it’s not just Emirates that is quiet. The real interesting side to this incident is that the aggressive, lamsestream propaganda media mobs have collectively blacked out on the story—a story that would make worldwide headlines (remember the headlines and coverage when a Muslim woman complained she was given an opened soda can by a flight attendant in a domestic flight in United States?) and questions of racism and xenophobia would be in news shows. How come this dead quiet? Doesn’t’ this qualify for racism—beating a senior black man travelling from Nigeria to Dubai and US?

This is not the first time Emirates Airlines has exhibited unprofessional and aggressive behavior toward its passengers. Just last month, Tunisia banned Emirates from landing anywhere in the country after the airline stopped Tunisian women from boarding flights for 2 days without any notification or announcement, leading to outrage and public protests against Emirates.

Not only incidents like these but one of Emirates’ flight attendants, named Zohaab Sadique, was also just recently caught smuggling heroin from Dubai to Britain. He was arrested by the British police while he successfully got a kilogram of heroin on board and hid it under his chair on the plane—and the airline didn’t have a clue about it. Or maybe they did (?).

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