Drop Noted in Enrollment in American Public Schools

Drop Noted in Enrollment in American Public Schools

The psychological and social war waged on families by the agenda-operated public schools in the United States is waking up more parents who are opting for better alternatives.

Life Site News reported on Saturday that public school enrollment went down in Fairfax County school system by 5 percent. The post added:

 …which means that nearly 9,000 students will no longer be exposed to the leftist propaganda and sexualization that has run rampant.

The drop in student enrollment at schools is not specific to Virginia but is being reported across the country. Last month, VOA reported that school districts in Gaston County (NC) and Los Angeles (CA) saw big drops in number of students attending the schools in comparison with the previous year.

Conservatives in and outside America have been increasingly becoming disillusioned with the neutrality of schools in delivering quality education as children are taught political propaganda in line with left-wing worldview. Leftist teachers reward students who follow their political lessons unquestioned while students exercising critical thinking and difference of opinion are punished. Books not pleasing to the liberal sensibilities are banned and teachers actively include anti-American and pro-establishment propaganda in assignments and examinations.

Global News recently reported that in Canada, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole last month told some students that residential schools were created to “try and provide education” but became “horrible” programs.

The COVID 19 crisis seems to have brought with it a new opportunity to awaken to the war waged on young minds and the plan to take over people’s freedom.

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