Dengue Vaccine Kills 3 Children, Many Others at Risk in Philippines

Dengue Vaccine Kills 3 Children, Many Others at Risk in Philippines

The horrors of the global vaccine mafia continue as Philippines has ordered an investigation into the vaccination campaign in the country that gave a potentially dangerous dengue vaccine to over 700, 000 children.

The Guardian writes that the vaccine called Dengvaxia has been known to carry the risk of causing severe dengue in people who had not previously contracted the disease. The story says vaccine researchers claim the vaccine offers protection to people who already had the disease—an odd claim and inconsistent with science and the common sense because people getting exposure to the virus develop natural immunity against it.

The story says the vaccination campaign in Philippines was carried out despite WHO recognizing in 2016 the risk of the vaccine causing dengue. What is worse, and terrifying, 3 children of those who have been vaccinated in Philippines have died so far. How many others are at risk is something that gives one a hair-raising concern for the potential victims of the vaccine industry.

The Dengvaxia vaccine was rushed and given to children despite the risk of causing the same disease against which it is supposed to provide protection—much like polio and measles and others. The nexus fraudulent science and corporate political-medical mafias have made vaccination a nightmare that people see killing and crippling them and their children, but are still wanting in courage to challenge and reject outright.

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