Cruel Wildlife Killing Contest Canceled

Cruel Wildlife Killing Contest Canceled

The cancellation of a controversial wildlife killing contest is another victory for nature against human transgression and abuse. Care 2 reported yesterday that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has cancelled the permit allowing killing f wildlife in a vast area of Idaho.wolf

The story informs that in case the hunt had been allowed, it would have led to reckless killing of wild animals – mainly wolves and coyotes – by some 500 “participants”, including children. BLM was sued by pro-wildlife groups for allowing such “repugnant and shocking” contests.

Travis Bruner, Executive Director of Western Watersheds Project, wrote on Huffington Post in October that such contests are offensive to the general public and that it is not even hunting in the traditional sense of the word. Burner was straight and direct in demanding: “It’s time for the BLM and Idaho Fish and Game to stop irrationally implementing the wishes of 10 extremists….”

The problem of such contests as well as the slaughter/meat industry is the cruel fundamental approach to animals as a commodity rather than a life form that has the right to existence safely without falling prey to someone’s “taste” rather than an actual survival need as it is argued the situation used to be in times prior to agricultural societies.

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