Christmas Didn’t Bring Elmer a Home, Maybe New Year?

Christmas Didn’t Bring Elmer a Home, Maybe New Year?

Christmas is a worldwide celebration of happiness and hope. Yet many in need don’t get what they desperately need even for Christmas. Elmer in one of those souls waiting for his Christmas gift.

Elmer’s story on Greenwich Local News tells that the 5-year old shelter dog has been at the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, Connecticut, for four years now. His ultimate wish is to go to his forever home with a caring family. A glimpse of Elmer’s personality is reflected in these lines from the story:

Everyone in the shelter fell in love with this sweet boy, and he soon became a favorite. Elmer loves his blankets, toys, and he also has a mischievous streak. He’s been known to greet the mail carrier while holding a volunteer’s umbrella in his mouth.

However, this Christmas too didn’t bring him his wish for a home and family. So Elmer is now looking at New Year with new hopes of getting his ultimate wish fulfilled.

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