Canadian Doctor Arrested in US for Drunk Driving and Injuring Woman

Canadian Doctor Arrested in US for Drunk Driving and Injuring Woman

The prime witness of the corrupt Canadian government against Alberta parents in a long-running lawsuit is not only incompetent and mentally unstable, but has been arrested in America for drunk driving and seriously injuring a woman while driving under the influence.

CBC reported in September last year that Dr. Adeagbo was arrested and faces criminal charges for drunk driving and causing an accident which seriously injured a woman in Terre Haute, Indiana, last May.

The charges faced by Adeagbo are a Level 5 felony, according to Indiana State laws, meaning he could face jail time between one and five years and a fine of up to $10,000.

The incompetence of Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo, a Nigerian immigrant who served as former Alberta Medical Examiner, is detailed in the story on Stand4Truth. His behavior in court showed mental instability and contradictions in his court testimony cost the Canadian government, or the “crown” as they call it, humiliating failure in the Supreme Court. He hadn’t read even one-third of the medical records of the child Ezekiel Stephan whose autopsy he performed and wrongly concluded bacterial meningitis as the cause. Later, the defense’s medical expert proved it was not bacterial meningitis but delayed arrival of an ill-equipped ambulance that caused the death of the baby boy. In other words, the Canadian government killed little Ezekiel Stephan.

To cover up their corruption and criminal incompetence, the crown turned to race-baiting and criticized the judge, Justice Terry Clackson, for calling out Dr. Adeagbo’s incompetence to clearly and coherently deliver testimony as racist comments. And as the Alberta Court of Appeal yesterday overturned the Supreme Court’s 2019 ruling of acquittal of David Stephan and his wife, CBC once again played the race-baiting game by Alberta Court of Appeal’s statement that courts should not allow “unconscious bias” to assess a witness’s credibility. The Appeal Court completely failed in showing how they detected or inferred “unconscious bias” in Justice Clackson’s ruling. The CBC story conveniently excluded Dr. Adeagbo’s recent past of trouble with law and criminal prosecution in Indiana, US, from its story.

It’s become clear by now that the incompetent and corrupt Canadian government killed Ezekiel Stephan and then blamed his parents for his death in order to cover up its own crime. Its support for an incompetent and criminally negligent doctor adds to the sad state of affairs that victims of the crown live with every day of their life.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Doctor Arrested in US for Drunk Driving and Injuring Woman

  1. There’s a lot more to the story. Government records indicate that the supposed doctor did not in fact properly obtain a medical license. During the trial David Stephan repeatedly had to correct the doctor’s medical gaffs.

    After the first conviction was overturned. The medical examiner fled to the United States. This wasn’t far enough and his past caught up with him. At this point knowing that he faced a removal of his license and a significant number of years in jail, he went out drinking. That’s when he slammed his Mercedes into another US citizen. Which resulted in his August 2022 trial date.

    Because it’s a clear cut case they’ve been doing everything they can to stall the trial. During this time he started having significant troubles at home. One of his daughters sadly succumbed to the anxiety and took her life.

    This guy’s life is truly a mess because his past has caught up to him. For anyone who might think that the government’s going to protect you if you do them dirty work, this is a case to be studied.

    While they have attempted to protect him in every way they could there are jurisdictional issues and back channel communications ) favours are not cutting it.

    The Calgary City Police are currently asking the individual who filed the complaints in the US to surrender himself for charges to be late. Neither the supposed doctor nor the complainant live in Calgary and the complaint was filed in Indiana. The police are seeking criminal harassment charges against anyone who speaks out against this guy.

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