Call for Action: Historic Health Freedom Bills Filed In Florida

Call for Action: Historic Health Freedom Bills Filed In Florida

by Stand for Health Freedom

We have exciting news for you! Health Freedom Florida’s bills (SB222 / HB305) have been successfully filed in both the senate and house last week. These identical bills place “vaccination or immunity status” as a protected class in our civil rights statute, prohibiting discrimination both in the workplace and the public square.

We are also pleased to announce that this bill is even stronger, as we were able to provide data privacy protections for Floridians, too. SB222 /HB305 protects your data from crossing state lines or being handed over to the federal government!

Want to help us pass this bill? Here is how you can help:

  • Email and call your local legislators and ask them to co-sponsor or support SB222 / HB305. 
  • Next, we need your help gathering stories. Our policymakers need to see how Floridians are being discriminated against as personal stories matter to legislators. Please go to Health Freedom Florida’s website and submit your story there.
  • Lastly, we need help spreading the word about this great bill. Please share this email, post the campaign information on social media, and talk to your friends, family, and neighbors. Anything you can do to get the word out about SB222 / HB305 is a health freedom win!
  • Session starts on March 7, 2023, and Health Freedom Florida will be looking for people to come in and testify during committee hearings. Let us know on if you would be willing to share your story with legislators this session.

Thank you for your time! Stay tuned for more opportunities to take action on SB222 / HB305!

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