California: Officials Claim Flu Killed Man, Refuse to Share Information

California: Officials Claim Flu Killed Man, Refuse to Share Information

There is “news” of a man dying of flu in California, but the officials have “declined” to share any information about him.

Multiple news sites including the LA Times have replicated the same “story” quoting “California public health officials” as the source of information. But the only information they provide is that a man in the age-range of 18 to 65 has died of flu in Santa Clara County, California. There is no further information provided.flushot

Mercury News wrote that officials declined to provide any other details except that the man was between 18 and 65 years of age. Is it news or an unverified claim?

At this stage it certainly can’t be called reliable news because information that could lead to verification has been hidden. In fact, it raises doubt over the source’s motive. The reason being that the rest of the story on all these media sites starts preaching the importance of vaccine. Out of curiosity, readers would be led to ask whether the man was vaccinated.

If the man actually died of flu but was vaccinated against it, his death would come as another blow to the vaccine industry which pushes for getting people vaccinated in order to benefit the pharmaceutical business. But even worse, since flu shot is known to have crippling effects on some people, including permanent brain damage, could the victim’s death be a result of the shot – if he had it?

These and other questions – when left unanswered – stain the credibility of news sources and the credibility of the officials that intentionally decline to provide information that is directly relevant to their health choices. On the other hand, it furthers propaganda culture that has become more the norm of so-called “journalists” these days.

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