Brutal Beating by Black Gang Kills Homeless Vet

Brutal Beating by Black Gang Kills Homeless Vet

In the United States of America, the “professional” media goes color blind when “people of color” – more particularly, black people – kill white people. This is crystal clear from the handful of media reports available so far about the death of a homeless veteran who was attacked aggressively by a gang of black people in Olney, PA.vhomeless-vet-attacked describes the brutal attack on Robert Barnes, 52-year-old homeless vet, in April this year. The story informs that Barnes was attacked by a group of six people, some of the teenagers, outside a gas station in Olney. They beat him with different objects including a hammer, and the injuries caused him to go in a coma. He died in Abington Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, November 25, a day before thanksgiving.

There is of course one important information missing in this story – the skin color of the victim and the killers. It would otherwise have been irrelevant if the racial banners were not waved so openly and aloud in most popular media channels in the country after every violent crime that kills a person of color. But in the story of Robert Barnes, the sources reporting so far seem have omitted any/all mention of race of people involved.

The picture of Barnes seen in the story linked to shows him as a white/Caucasian man, and the news video showing the vicious attack also doesn’t bother to say it was a black gang targeting a white guy though it is seen in the video.

Whether or not racism is a major issue in the country but one observation is common and obvious – the mainstream media in America is clearly racist, and their target is the white skin.


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