Boris Derangement Syndrome Starts in Britain

Boris Derangement Syndrome Starts in Britain

When Donald Trump decisively defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 US Presidential election, the sore loser Democrats echoed “Not My President” all over the web and the streets. Now the whining drama of liberals has been replayed on the streets of Britain where conservatives handed a historical defeat to liberals on December 12th.

Russia Today reported on the angry crowd of anti-Brexit protesters scuffling with the police on the streets of London on Friday. And they were chanting “Boris Johnson – not our Prime Minister!”

Since the liberals in western nations are allied with Islamists, it was no surprise that the loser crowd protesting the conservative victory was also carrying signs of “No Islamophobia”. The liberal political agenda of immigrating people from the third world, mainly Muslim countries, to change demographics and stay in power by immigrant votes failed to get them in power. Frustrated and seeing the coming freedom from the slavery of EU establishment, aka Brexit, liberals in Britain have started the same derangement drama that liberals in America have been acting out since Donald Trump’s victory.

Accordingly, conservatives in Britain are disgusted with this display of insanity by the losers as the conservative side celebrates the Brexit-centered victory from globalist mafias. Here’s how one patriotic British man on Twitter commented on the London protests.

It’s predictable that just like sore losers in America lost balance and fell collectively in the ravine called the “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, the liberals in Britain are rolling down for landing together in the pit called “Boris Derangement Syndrome”—and that means some more laughs for the conservatives on media.

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