Blood Trap (2016) – Not Just Red Paint

Blood Trap (2016) – Not Just Red Paint

Alberto Sciamma’s Blood Trap (2016) is somewhat of a different style of horror movie—not entirely an innovation but blood-trappretty interesting. It combines action, and horror, mystery with humor with elements of surprise and the bizarre.

The film shows a group of six criminals, including a lesbian couple, entering an old mansion to abduct a young woman for ransom. But they get trapped there and are soon struggling for their lives as the young woman turns out to be something different. I am not goanna give it away—watch the movie if you like the premise.

What kept my interest in the film through the end was the style of the filmmaking, particularly the way the plot gains from the bizarre, or outright weird events against a backdrop of music. The film’s sound really gives it a boost—unlike the traditional creepy-mansion horror, this one from Sciamma plays fear against weirdness. A number of scenes make an impression with surprise fear and laughter packed together, including the ending.

Also a plus for the film is that it doesn’t heavily reply on red paint and gushing of blood or screams for impact but keeps a good proportion of cross-genre elements.

I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. Refreshing!

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