Best Fire Protection Company in Vancouver BC Suggests Fire Safety Plan

Best Fire Protection Company in Vancouver BC Suggests Fire Safety Plan

 by Nicole Rodriguez

Fire is an unpredictable thing. In just a few seconds, one spark can escalate into a burning flame. There are many things in one’s house that can be potential causes of fire, but if you use them in the right way, with the appropriate protection, the risk is minimal.

However, in case you sometimes encounter this unexpected situation, the first and foremost thing is to inform the fire department. Even if one of your neighbors has already done this, do not always count on it. Sometimes your reflex reactions can save your life, but at the same time, it can lead to a bigger problem if you don’t follow the rules in case of a burning house.

Draw Your Evacuation Plan

Since you know your living space, all entrances and arrangement of rooms, you may think that you don’t need a fire escape plan. Everyone can find an exit from their apartments. But do not ignore the fact that fire is a very stressful situation. In critical situations, your body works under huge pressure, and your brain can just block. Even the simplest task, like to get out through the door, seem like a mission impossible.

Therefore, you have to create an evacuation plan in detail. You may never need it, but it’s better to have it anyway. It’s good to know how to prevent the fire in a closed space, so check this source. For starters, draw the simple map of your household. Just the arrangement of rooms, doors, and windows is required. You can download various templates on the Internet as an idea.

Think of Escape Routes

Doors and windows are your evacuation ways – doors are primary, and windows are secondary. Sometimes one of the roads can be blocked, so it’s good to have a backup solution. Approximate the time of leaving the apartment, and determine the meeting place for a family gathering after a successful evacuation. If one of your family members is a disabled person, you should provide alternatives, like wheelchair ramps and steps.

In case you live in a building, get familiar with the position of fire stairs and alternative exits. If you live in a floor house, perhaps it’s not a bad idea to get collapsible ladders. These will help you to leave the upper floors faster than using stairs. Keep in mind that the flame always goes upward and that the stairs are one of the paths where it will spread quickly.

Present Your Fire Escape Plan

After you create a fire escape plan, make sure to present it to all family members, even to kids. It’s good to teach them at an early age about the importance of fire safety. You can have a family discussion about it at least few times a year, and perform a simulation of fire escape in the house and carry out and evacuation according to the developed plan.

As one of the primary forms of protection, – fire safety plan company recommends the installation of a fire alarm. Start the practice by activating the alarm. Then everyone should lie down on the floor and crawl to one of the fire escape exits to avoid the smoke.

Make sure not to inhale smoke – use something of your clothes, a sleeve or jacket as a protection. Remind your family to avoid touching metal objects such as a door handle, as they quickly heat up and can cause burns. Also, include collapsible ladders in this practice, if you live in the floor house.

Demonstration of Fire Evacuation in Building

Every building that meets the security standards should have a fire escape plan. All tenants should be familiar with this plan and the evacuation procedure. And here you should apply similar rules as for the burning house.

At least twice a year, all tenants should have organized exercises. Some basic guidelines for those who live in buildings are to avoid elevators and to always use the main fire exit. Don’t try to escape over the roof; you can get trapped. In case fire caught you, use “stop, droll, and roll” technique; don’t go back once you leave the building and so on.

Basic Fire Escape Tips

In case of fire in the house, although the situation is quite upsetting, make sure you stay calm. Only in this way will you be able to think right and alleviate the consequences of this disaster.

Everything you can, pick up while you’re leaving the object. Never go back, because the risk of breathing smoke and getting burnt is high. If the smoke inside the room is too thick, cover yourself with blankets or sheets and prevent smoke poisoning.

When you leave the room, try to describe the situation to the firefighters as objective as possible. Make sure to tell them whether someone has stayed inside (people or pet) and whether there are any injuries.

Regularly check fire alarm inside your house. Change outdated devices every couple of years. If you use models on batteries, change them twice a year.

Fire is a great danger, in which you risk your life, not just material goods. To avoid this disaster, you have to act rationally and calmly. Then, you should take some preventive measures. It is desirable to make a fire escape plan. When you have one of these, the potential evacuation in case of danger will be much faster and efficient.

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