A Call for Protecting America’s Eagles from Wind Industry

A Call for Protecting America’s Eagles from Wind Industry

Clean and renewable energy is the cry of the day. However, achieving it shouldn’t come at the cost of wildlife. An ecological issue that recently made news is the protection of America’s eagles against wind energy industry.eagle

National Audubon Society aims at conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems. It has started a petition on Care2 asking the US Department of Interior to reverse the decision of issuing 30-year eagle permits to wind-energy industry. The petition says that the decision to grant such permits has put Bald and Golden Eagles at risk.

Early last month American Bird Conservancy announced that it would go to court against the Department of Interior for violating federal law by deciding to grant win energy companies permits for killing eagles. Ontario Wind Resistance reported that according to American Bird Conservancy, thousands of citizens across the United States had expressed outrage at the decision to give these kill licenses to energy industry.

3 thoughts on “A Call for Protecting America’s Eagles from Wind Industry

  1. I do not for one moment think that wind-energy plants try to kill eagles. However, that said they need to prevent eagles from flying into turbulence just like planes that get caught in dramatic weather conditions. That’s called a freak of nature. It would be far better for wind-energy programs to work with aerodynamics together with other organisations to increase travel safety for both man and nature’s sake. Bickering never solved anything…

  2. Vicor, these licenses actually allow the energy companies to kill these birds, not accidentally but intentionally – like shooting them down. For that reason wildlife supporters are outraged at both the government and companies. Wildlife is protected by law but when the authorities themselves start violating the law and do so “legally”, it is time to cry foul.

  3. To me it’s not just about eagles. Birds are a vital part of the ecosystem. They perform a free service eating insects and (the larger birds) rodents, both of which can carry disease. There are more and more wind farms going up every day. The birds are up against, pesticides, stray cats, collisions with cars and now wind farms. When will the scales tip to the point that there aren’t enough birds ? It could happen. I believe that could start an unimaginable disaster. …. Why not go in a different direction toward energy conservation ? http://imgur.com/d1K93Zj

    It was such a beautiful planet, wasn’t it ? 🙁

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