13 Moving and Packing Tips to Make a Move Simple

13 Moving and Packing Tips to Make a Move Simple

by Niv Orlian

Moving is stressful enough as it is – no need to make it harder on yourself. Yet every year, that’s exactly what thousands of people do without realizing it. Moving and packing is much more than just boxes and tape. Follow these 13 tips to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.


Purge First

This is probably the most important step but you would be surprised by how many people skip it. Either they’re too stressed to sort through everything they own, or they’ve waited too long and are simply pressed for time. Don’t let this happen. Purging unneeded items saves you space, time, and money. Don’t pay to move something you’re not going to use again!

Use Plastic Wrap

Some of your items already “live” in a perfectly good container. A silverware organizer, a jewelry box, a small basket, etc. Whenever possible, use plastic wrap to secure these items in place, then simply place the whole assembly in a box.

Color Code

Buy several different colors of permanent marker, and consider getting colored packing tape as well. Assign each room a color and pack things in their designated boxes. This makes the job of the moving company much easier when they know exactly where to put which boxes, and it makes the task of unpacking much easier for you.

Use Trash Bags for Hanging Clothes

Gather together 8 to 10 items hanging in your closet and simply secure a trash bag around the clothes and their hangers. Boom! Done!

Use Containers You Already Have

it doesn’t make much sense to pack up and move empty hampers, trash bins, or baskets. If you have a container handy, fill it up with items before moving.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Each member of your family should have a small suitcase packed as though they were going away for a long weekend. Changes of clothes, toiletries, PJs, personal electronics, etc. will need to be available immediately upon arrival at your new home.

Keep Valuables with You

Don’t ever place valuables such as jewelry, personal documents, cash, or special heirlooms on the moving truck. Create a box and keep it with you in the car at all times on moving day.

Strategically Use Up Food

Starting about three weeks out from moving day, plan your meals so that you can strategically use up the food you already have in the house. Make your grocery trips smaller, and buy few, if any, perishables.

Find Out What Can’t Go on the Truck

Talk to your moving company about any restricted items. Some may be obvious like gasoline or aquariums, but others like fire extinguishers are less so. You don’t want to be surprised on moving day.

Have a Plan for Kids and Pets

Young kids and pets are at risk on moving day. They could get hurt, they could wander out a door that is being propped open, or they can simply get nervous and overwhelmed. If possible, arrange for babysitters and pet sitters on moving day.

Label “Unpack First” Boxes

Each room has certain items which will need to be accessed first. Put these together in a box clearly marked “unpack first.”

Arrange to Arrive Before the Moving Truck

You will never have a better chance to do a deep clean of your new home then you will before the furniture is in place. Arrange to arrive a few hours before the moving truck so you can do a thorough cleaning.

Check Parking Restrictions at Your Current and New Home

Some areas can’t accommodate a huge moving truck (or can only accommodate it for a short time). Make sure you know before moving day if parking will be a problem!

Best of luck with your move!

About the Author

Niv Orlian is a blogger at Golan’s Moving, a site all about moving, and related topics such as real estate, home moving tips, and general household tips.

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