WorldnBrief: France Legalizing Pedophilia, Judicial Tyranny in Canada, and More

WorldnBrief: France Legalizing Pedophilia, Judicial Tyranny in Canada, and More

Liberal France Pushes for Legalizing Child Sex

Last week, the sick liberal agenda of legalizing child sex abuse showed in France’s new bill that would lower the age of consent to 13!

Under the leftist President Emmanuel Macron, the justice minister Nicole Belloubet of socialist party pushed for the bill that legalizes sex at age 13. The bill led to protests from people who worried about the fate of the children, especially young girls, who would be at risk of sexual exploitation by older adults.

It is not difficult to imagine where France would be heading with this kind of legislation—becoming a haven for child prostitution and sexual abuse of children, who under the new law won’t remain children in effect but legally “promoted” to be grow-ups. And if one were to look around for connections to this pervert move of French liberals, the news of 26 young Nigerian girls dying on a ship bound for Italy didn’t create much of an uproar in the world (speaking of connections). Will any child be safe anymore in a liberal Western Europe?

Court Continues to Victimize Canada Parents for Their Child’s Death

David Stephan with family

The shameful lawlessness practiced by Canadian “justice” system reached new lows last week when an Alberta Appeal Court upheld the conviction of David Stephan and his wife Collet Stephan who lost their son to illness in 2012.

The CBC, a popular mainstream Canadian propaganda publication, wrote more than one article against David Stephan as he was sentenced to four months in jail. The publication tried to get at Stephan for criticizing the judicial mafia that ignored the testimony of a chief medical officer that went against the prosecution’s narrative and actually found the state’s emergency management system responsible for the tragic death of Stephan’s young son Ezekiel.

Stephan has received great support from his followers who have followed his story and knew the unofficial, censored and suppressed parts of the case. It is believed that Stephan and his family have been targeted by the courts because they believe and promote natural medicine and are against the mainstream medical mafia’s narrative of corporate health.

Intensive Corporate Polio Vaccination Campaigns in Pakistan

Slaughtering science and human rights with medical mafia’s sword of money is Pakistan’s government, both provincial and federal. As more money is pumped into the polio vaccine business, subservient states like Pakistan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan etc. impose polio vaccination on young children—those under age 5 years – without setting any limit for maximum doses or interval between two doses.

In the latest announcement of polio vaccination campaign, the authorities have also planned to administer “Vitamin A drops” to children of up to 59 weeks old.

The oral polio vaccine, effectively banned for use in the developed west because of its crippling paralysis outbreaks, is still administered to millions of children without any regard to their history of health or vaccination status. Vaccine teams literally raid schools, houses, and anywhere else that they can find children, and using threat of accompanying security coerce the parents or guardians into letting the children take the vaccine. This gross human rights violation is done regularly under the auspices of the United Nations (the WHO being the lead in this game).

Bitcoin Price Tops $8K

Cryptocurrency world is seeing an all-time rise in the price of Bitcoin. While it was just around 500 dollars a year ago, the popular e-currency has taken a flight up, up, and away on the horizon of business.

Currently, the Bitcoin price has crossed the $8K mark. There is a general feeling that the currency’s rise is the result of a loss trust/interest in the banking system. Accordingly, trade in Bitcoin is now getting in billions. This week, just one day saw over $10 billion in Bitcoin trade.


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