Wiki Edits Out ‘Racist’ from Conservative Columnist’s Page

Wiki Edits Out ‘Racist’ from Conservative Columnist’s Page

Wikipedia edited out the word “racist” from its description of North Carolina academician and conservative columnist Mike Adams after tweeted about it on Friday.

Conservative columnist Mike Adams was recently in news again for getting a settlement of half a million dollars from his employer institute—University of North Carolina Wilmington—as part of his early retirement deal. The university clearly wanted to get rid of him because he had been using his right to free speech to criticize the leftist establishment and anti-American Islamists that work hand in hand with the liberals/left in America.

As I searched Mike’s articles and his bio to learn more about him, I saw that he was being described as a “racist American conservative political columnist” in the very first line on his wiki page.

So I got on Twitter to condemn it and in my tweet (included below) I tagged Mike for this obvious hateful labeling of him.


Today as I checked out Mike’s wiki page, the word “racist” is gone. Also edited out is the claim that Mike was forced into retirement by his employer institute. The screenshot of the page of the article’s revision history (pasted below) shows that the revision was made on July 3rd, the same day I tweeted about the article.

Wiki is an open-edit system of information which makes it an easy propaganda platform since edits of political/hateful intent gone unnoticed or unreported could be read numerous times by visitors before corrected. That is why educational institutions don’t want wiki pages to be listed as references.

The question that remains is in cases like these when wiki is misused to slander people with hateful labels, does wiki only edit out the objectionable content or does it also hold those responsible for it accountable?

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