US Marine Testimony: Biden’s Military Leadership Enabled Kabul Bombing of 2021

US Marine Testimony: Biden’s Military Leadership Enabled Kabul Bombing of 2021

Last year, US Marine Tristan Hirsch revealed to media that the suicide bombing that killed 13 Americans and scores of Afghans in August 2021 at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan was actually enabled by the CIA/military leadership. Aside from the New York Post and some lesser-viewed conservative publications, media blacked out on Hirsch’s story – a seemingly coordinated cover-up. Now a second eye witness, another US Marine has testified before the congress to verify the same account to the nation.

On Wednesday (March 08, 2023), US Marine and sniper Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews – a fellow Marine on duty along with Tristan Hirsch at the Kabul Airport – testified before congress that his military commander denied him the permission to take out the ISIS suicide bomber. Sgt. Andrews himself lost a leg and an arm in the blast – one enabled by the military leadership under Biden. The Gateway Pundit wrote:

Vargas told Congress that he was denied permission to shoot the suicide bomber in Afghanistan that killed 13 service members and over 170 civilians.

The testimony of Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews became viral over social media and the web. Conservatives are calling for accountability while liberals remain indifferent. Here’s a clip from Sgt. Andrews’ testimony shared by MO Senator Josh Hawley along with his call for accountability from the Biden administration.

Hawley’s call for Biden to fire anyone rhetorical, given the knowledge that Biden is only an un-elected pawn installed in the White House by the deep state, of which the Pentagon lies at the core. But leftist media, seeing they couldn’t black this one out, kept their headlines clear of any words or phrases that would imply the CIA or military leadership or even the Biden administration was responsible for the catastrophe.

It is worth noting that in the Obama-Biden administration, Joe Biden played a key role in covering up the Benghazi disaster that killed Americans while Hillary Clinton broke the law and endangered national security.

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