University of Oklahoma Accused of Electrocuting a Dog to Death

University of Oklahoma Accused of Electrocuting a Dog to Death

Euthanasia has been turned into a synonym for silently, “peacefully” killing an animal that is not wanted anymore. In lab dogssome cases, this “peaceful” death is in fact just a painful, brutal murder. Thinking of slaughterhouses? Well, this one happened at a university lab!

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center allegedly electrocuted a lab dog to death. Chris Wolverton’s petition on Care2 states that USDA documents show that the research center in question has used “improper” methods of euthanizing dogs.

The petition names Michael Budkie, executive director of Ohio animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation Now! telling that the lab applied electric current of a 9-volt battery to the dog’s heart without applying anesthesia, leading to a painful death.

The liberty of using dogs in labs is in itself an inhuman practice which needs to be banned categorically. The excuse of finding cures for people is lame in the face of the robbing dogs and other animals of life has been used to maim life for decades. Now is the time to stop!

To sign the petition asking USDA to investigate dog abuse at the University of Oklahoma Laboratory can be signed online here.

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