The Wonders of CBD Oil for Dogs

The Wonders of CBD Oil for Dogs

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We have a family friend who has a dog called Buddy. He is 1 year older than my youngest and has grown up with us and them. My friend was born in South Africa like me so we stuck together, and she can take my sarcasm I hand out like confetti.

Anyway, when it comes to November and all things fireworks, buddy is the pits. Like most dogs, I assume he has a hard time understanding what all the noise is about and why it’s non-stop.

I mentioned an article I read on CBD oil made naturally from the Hemp plant, a distant family member of the marijuana plant. You can see what all the buzz is about here and find out more.

She had tried everything from sleeping pills to Xanax for dogs basically to ear defenders, some did nothing and some worked for a limited time only.

When she decided to try the oil a few days in advance to get him used to it, the difference was so significant she thought he had gone deaf. He was chilled and relaxed and stayed in the room with us the whole night.

Usually, he would be shaking like an earthquake in some dark cupboard and wouldn’t come out for hours on end. Needless to say, we all, including Buddy, enjoyed the evening under the sky being lit up like an exploding piñata. This natural remedy gets a big thumbs up from my end.

What is CBD Oil and Is It Ok for dogs?

CBD oil is extracted, using various methods, from hemp and is very much valued for its therapeutic properties. Because it does not contain THC it does not have the side effect of being ‘high.’ It is used mainly for pain relief and helping with anxiety. There are rave reviews when it comes to the aiding of seizures in dogs.

Dogs that have had an injury or an operation and are in recovery have shown much less distress and discomfort whilst being treated with the oil.

It has shown to react with the receptors in the nervous system of the brain and spinal area and balances the body’s natural healthy state of well-being.

And nobody wants to see their furry family member in pain.

How to Choose CBD Oil?

When deciding which product to use, as there are many on the market, try to look for something organic. Read this article to see quality vs quantity when it comes to a good product.

If it doesn’t say organic, read the label to make sure there are no pesticides or chemicals used when growing the plant. Try to avoid the cheaper options, the price may seem good but the ingredients won’t be.

Like most products, the label or manufacturer pamphlet will state exactly how much CBD is in the product.  How much percentage. You also want to check there is no THC, the psychopathic effect found in marijuana products.

There are dog treats with CBD oil in and other forms, but the best is to use the oil. This way you can also measure how much is being administered, and avoid any overdosing.

4 Advantages of Using CBD Oil

  • It helps lower the heart rate which is elevated in stressful situations, and you can handle situations in a calmer manner.
  • Epilepsy. It is said to counterbalance the neurons in our brains, so triggers of seizures are dramatically reduced.
  • Pain Relief. It’s known to alleviate arthritis, muscle pain, and spinal aches.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Overall inflammation in the immune system is reduced, it stops too much sebum being produced which leads to clogged pore and acne.

Success Stories

Many people marvel at how quick this product can work. I heard a woman wanted to relieve her dogs’ pain in her last few hours, it was ill, couldn’t walk or use the bathroom and having multiple seizures.

The day before she was to say goodbye she gave her beloved a few drops to ease any pain she was feeling and showing signs of. The next morning when she went to check on her, the dog was outside walking around and going to the bathroom, by itself.

She was gob-smacked. Relieved of course. But she couldn’t believe the effects were so dramatic. She has since bought more and Tink is still alive and well. The seizures are few and irregular and don’t last nearly as long as they used to.

I love hearing stories like these, and there are hundreds of families with the same wonderful experiences. You can connect with other pet owners at this petcbdcommunity page and share similar tips and tricks. Arrange get-togethers if you live close and share a bond over changing something horrible into a silver lining.

What kind of world would we live in if we didn’t wake up to a slobbering mouth and cuddly fur in our necks in the mornings from our best friend?


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