Saudi Dictatorship Introduces Law to Treat Protestors as Terrorists

Saudi Dictatorship Introduces Law to Treat Protestors as Terrorists

Human rights violations and crimes against humanity define the Saudi Arabian state including its fundamentalist Islamic law. A new addition to the state law will now force the protesting voices into silence by treating them as terrorists.  Saudi Arabia

Russia Today informs that the new counterterrorism law extends the definition of terrorism to include acts of insulting the state’s reputation, attempt to stop the authorities from carrying out any activity, and even threatening to carry out an act deemed hostile to the state. The law also gives the state the authority to detain suspects, only n basis of suspicion, for up to six months in prison, possibly longer.

Not surprisingly human rights activists are alarmed by the news of this new law coming into effect in Saudi Arabia. ABC News writes that human rights are regarding this move as “draconian in spirit and letter” which will be used to target dissenting voices.

In fact, this new counterterrorism law of Saudi Kingdom seems to reveal the actual meaning of terrorism – one applicable to the state’s lawmaking and not those who stand up to it. Now, oppressed citizens of the kingdom will remain in a more crippling form of slavery where raising a voice of protest against state-conducted atrocities will give the dictators the right to target an individual.

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