Price List of Various Parts of Aborted Babies

Price List of Various Parts of Aborted Babies

Until I saw this image of the price list of babies’ parts on Facebook, I didn’t know this happens, or could happen without teh involved parties finding themselevs behind bars. But it does. Aborted babies’ parts are sold, and bought!

Following is a list of prices of aborted babies’ body parts “bought” for research. The blog on Clinic Quotes details how law is bypassed in cases of aborted babies’ sale. For this blogger, the list itself is a tell-tale nightmare.


I can’t say I’m shocked. Witnessing decades of human-led holocausts in one form or another on animals, environment, and other humans, I too am becoming used to shockers. So no words here… only fear for this doomed race that is not far from being officially called “homo selling sapiens”!

Image Credit: Clinic Quotes

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