Pollen Carrying COVID – Mock Study Labeled ‘Science’

Pollen Carrying COVID – Mock Study Labeled ‘Science’

Once again, fake news and fake science roll together to sell you another reason why you should be held from moving about freely. This time, a so-called study – all the way from Cyprus – is claiming that pollen can carry the alleged COVID-causing virus around and infect people.

Science Daily published the story on Wednesday (June 23, 2021) about this study. The title of the story “Tree pollen carries SARS-CoV-2 particles farther, facilitates virus spread, study finds” sounds like it’s really a believable scientific finding, verified and replicated by scientists around the world.  But when you make an extra click and go to the text of the original study, it turns out to be more amusement than discovery – or maybe the amusement is the discovery.

The study page on the website of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) shows that it was published under the title “On pollen and airborne virus transmission” on June 22. The authors Talib Dbouka and Dimitris Drikakisb of University of Nicosia (Cyprus) state in the Abstract:

We show how pollen grains can increase the coronavirus (CoV) transmission rate in a group of people, including some infected persons.

And guess how they show this: by creating computer simulations of pollen from a willow tree and letting them carry coronavirus particles to see how far it can get those particles and how many people it can infect. In other words, a complete hypothetical animation designed by the two guys in a computer lab – much like a video game – is then published as scientific finding. Incredible!

The real version of a somewhat believable study on this target would be to sample actual pollen, sample actual COVID virus particles (which have not been done as yet anywhere – hence the skepticism of the very existence of the virus), then blow them around people at various distances inside a lab and making projections based on the findings. And that would be somewhat believable because you would still not be able to reliably predict how the pollen travel in actual/natural world and how many people can encounter them without both missing each other by any natural factors (rain, change in wind direction, other particles in atmosphere etc).

But doesn’t that kinda science does sound tedious and backbreaking work? So why not make it easy and instead of real on-ground work, play the animation game on a computer and call it real science. The journals don’t mind – they need stuff to keep running – and the media mobs are always starving for news that can prolong the plandemic.

The so-called study from Cyprus concludes:

 In the case of high pollen grains concentrations in the air or during pollination in the spring, the social distance of 2 m does not hold as a health safety measure for an outdoor crowd. Thus, the public authorities should revise the social distancing guidelines.

Sounds familiar? Reeks of agenda? Of course!

Call it joke science or junk science, but it’s here and every other day we are bombarded with pseudo-scientific garbage wrapped in the fancy words of fake news outlets and discredited academic journals. So do expect more BS like this story on pollen-transmission of COVID viruses to get more control of your minds and bodies.

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