Pakistani Media’s Propaganda against Donald Trump

Pakistani Media’s Propaganda against Donald Trump

Leftist mainstream media aren’t the only ones indulged in influencing the 2016 US Presidential Election in favor of Hillary Clinton. Pakistani media has also been at the forefront of anti-Trump propaganda, and as the election day approaches, we see surveys openly tilted against Trump.

Take this November 3rd survey on Express Tribune, Pakistan’s leading English daily and a partner of the New York Times, apparently purported to get an idea of which US Presidential candidate do Pakistanis support.

The very first clause of the first sentence in the intro gives it away: “From Donald Trump’s sexist and anti-Muslim comments to Hillary Clinton making history with party nomination….” The leftist media’s propaganda from US is regurgitated here when naming Trump while Hillary is introduced in a manner to impress the reader at the outset—the candidate who has made history, albeit just with getting nominated.Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_3

Now let’s closely look at some of the questions.

Question: “Do you think women’s rights in the US will deteriorate if Donald Trump becomes the president?”

Observation: First, this is one questions specifically targeting Trump. How are women’s rights related to Trump’s presidency is something the survery maker needs to explain; the hint dropped might be about leftist media’s ranting over Trump feeling free to silence women by snappy answers when those women attack him for political reasons. Besides, there is question Clinton-specific in the survey about any of her many issues.

Question: Hillary Clinton is against efforts to ban abortion. Donald Trump has once said abortions should be illegal and supported ‘some form of punishment’ for women who had them. Whose policy do you support?

Observation: Given their religious and cultural background, most Pakistanis would likely to support Trump on being pro-life. But here’s where the question employs clever phrasing—instead of calling Trump pro-life and explaining Hillary as supporter of killing babies in womb, the wording “punishment of women” has been used to stir emotion against Trump for targeting women.

Question: Hillary Clinton supports laws prohibiting racial profiling such as targeting Muslims and African Americans. Donald Trump says police profiling is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil. Whose security policy do you support?

Observation: Since Trump never suggested “racial profiling”, the question is readily misleading but again cleverly composed by using “racial profiling” in Hillary’s stance so as to play with readers’ attention.

No question on gay marriage question is included since Pakistanis are predominantly against homosexuality owing to their Islamic beliefs.

This example of Liberal propaganda is only a glimpse of the anti-Trump and pro-Democrat content that is used in local and national media across Pakistan to gather support for Hillary Clinton. In plain words, it’s brainwashing in action daily.



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