Oregon Governor Orders Public Schools Closure through Current School Year

Oregon Governor Orders Public Schools Closure through Current School Year

In tandem with the globalist push for extended lockdowns and shutdowns, Oregon’s Democrat governor Kate Brown has ordered that the public schools across the state remain closed through the rest of the school year.


Portland Mercury reported today that the governor announced this decision at a press conference saying it was meant to “give everyone certainty” amidst the coronavirus pandemic. She seemingly is worried about the impossibility of maintaining social distancing in schools and believed the older teachers could be more vulnerable to the viral infection.

Oregon’s education workforce is typically older, and potentially more vulnerable to COVID-19.

The policy of “social distancing” of course is highly political and especially in an election year where the democrats are heading for a big loss to President Trump, keeping people locked in their homes as much as they can is their key strategy to have the institutions all to their select officials and they use/abuse them in whatever way they like for their political needs.

But the good part of this stay-at-home policy of the Dems, far as children are concerned, is that parents and guardians who are not liberal get to spend more time with their children and educate them better in American history, traditions, values, and civics than what the children get at their liberal schools—indoctrination camps run by the Democrat establishment.


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