How to Protect Your Windows during a Storm

How to Protect Your Windows during a Storm

by Jared Miret

When heavy windstorms hit, they can often spell disaster for homeowners. Windows are particularly vulnerable in serious Window to Gardenstorms because they can break in a hurry, causing serious damage to a home and potentially fatal injuries if you are close to the windows when they break. It is important to know how to properly protect your windows during a storm so you don’t end up with expensive repairs. Here are a few things you can do to get started.

Hurricane Film

Some people try to tape their windows, but this won’t work against a serious hurricane or tornado. The best option for taping your windows is to purchase hurricane film. This is a clear plastic film that you place over the windows. Hurricane film does a good job protecting homeowners from glass shards when a window is broken in a storm, but the film won’t stop a window from actually breaking. It is unobtrusive, making it a popular option for homeowners. The great thing about hurricane film is that it will also block UV rays from the home so carpets and furniture don’t become faded from direct sunlight. You can purchase hurricane film for about $25 a linear foot.


The best way to protect your windows in an easy situation is to use plywood. You will want to install plywood right before the winds hit since it will block out all light. You will need to cut, measure, and properly install the plywood to get the right protection for your windows. Choose plywood that is about 5/8 inch thick for most windows. It is important to use screws that are able to withstand hurricane winds so the plywood doesn’t get ripped off in a storm. Some people use expansion bolts because they do a better job of securing the wood to the home in strong winds.

Storm Shutters

Many homeowners invest in storm shutters, which are a permanent way to protect windows. There are different options for creating storm shutters: you can choose a roll-up or accordion-style shutter. They will need to be pulled over the windows and secured in place when storm winds are ready to hit the home. Using storm shutters is a great solution, but they are usually more expensive than other options for protecting windows.

High Impact Glass

An expensive way to protect your home is with some high impact glass. This glass will be able to protect the windows when a very strong storm has the potential to blow out the windows and doors. These windows normally cost $50 or more for a single-glazed square foot. These windows work well because they have two panes of tempered glass and plastic film. The glass will be resistant to impacts, preventing it from breaking and shattering into the home. The other benefit of this glass is that most insurance companies will provide some discounts for installing the glass, because it protects your home. Check with your insurance provider to find out if you will qualify for a discount by installing the new windows to help protect your home.

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This article was written by husband and home handyman Jared Miret. He loves sharing his experience of home improvement though blogging. If you are looking or window replacements or updates, there are several window companies in Houston to chose from.

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