How to Prepare Your House for a New Baby

How to Prepare Your House for a New Baby

by Daniel Bell

Bringing a new baby home is much like getting a red alert on a nuclear submarine. Or so we imagine. It’s all hands on deck to prepare for a major change, firing off all kinds of plans and dealing with the aftermath. I may be a little overdramatic, but all those points are demonstrably true. To make sure your time with the baby is as painless as possible, you’re going to need to make some changes. To make those changes as painless as possible, you’re going to need some plans. And we’ve got the plans that are to get all those hassles out of the way. Or most of them at least.


The first thing you need to understand is just how expensive a new baby can be. You’re going to need to make savings everywhere you can. This means cutting down on all your luxuries so your new child can get theirs. It can be made a little less unfair by using sites like to find deals on the stuff you love. But be prepared for some sacrifices.


No-one likes to even comprehend the notion of an emergency to do with their child. It doesn’t bear thinking about, but it does need you to be at the ready. Most importantly, you need to have all the right numbers available in a crisis. It needs to be saved on all your mobiles and posted by all family telephones. Make sure you have numbers like the pediatrician, poison control, emergency rooms and your own support at the ready at all times.


No doubt most people get given all sorts of newborn clothes at baby showers. Then within a matter of weeks, they’re all made redundant by how fast the child grows. Don’t find your supply of adequate clothing for your child dwindle like that. Supply yourself with clothes that will suit them for all the quick stages of their growth. has a great list of the different kinds of clothes you should always have on hand at all stages.

The Baby’s Room

You might want to keep the new baby close to you for a while, but make sure their nursery is well equipped before they arrive home. It’s mostly about stocking it with all the right stuff. For the crib, you need a mattress and loose bedding that can keep them warm without being oppressive. A changing station is a must for some parents as well. Then there are things to make it easier for you, too. Gliders can be just what a tired mummy needs to rock her child off to sleep.

Feeding Time

Get prepared for several stages of your child’s feeding within the first year! For most of the time, you’ll be concerned with nursing and then weaning them on to food. But this is a part that’s trickier down the line: teaching them to feed themselves. Though not really a concern for newborns, having the right utensils is something you’ll want in mind long in advance.

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