Growth and Sale of GMO Apples Approved by USDA

Growth and Sale of GMO Apples Approved by USDA

Despite much opposition by environmental activists and supporters of natural food and health, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved the plantation and sale of genetically modified apples.????????????????????????????????

According to The Verge, USDA approved two GMO apple varieties that are resistant to turning brown. The apples, developed by a Canadian company, will be marketed as Arctic Granny and Arctic Golden. But how do people know whether what they are buying contains or is free of GMOs? That is the question leading to the labeling issue.

Whether for health concerns related to GMOs, the spirit of protecting natural environment and organic food growth, or activism for food security of people, many people oppose GMOs, their growth as well as sale. However, no law currently necessitates labeling of foods specifying whether or not it has GMOs.

Friends of the Earth has launched a page inviting supporters of anti-GMO activism to contact their representatives about mandatory labeling of GMO foods. In their email notification of this development, the environmental organization wrote: “If there was ever a time when we need labeling of GMO’s, it’s NOW!”

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