Fundraiser Launched to Help Animal Rights Advocate Pay Rent and Bills

Fundraiser Launched to Help Animal Rights Advocate Pay Rent and Bills

I submitted the following write-up to a no of papers in the North East with the aim of helping our animal rights advocate friend Eddie Cintron in his struggle to pay his rent and bills. Eddie has worked tirelessly to save dogs from unnecessary killing and shooting. Now it’s his turn to be helped by all those who care for pets, families, and helpful people like him

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Eddie Cintron of Rochester, NY, has been helping dogs – particularly pit bulls – and their owner families by working with Eddie Cintronthe local police department to organize the very first training courses for cops on using non-lethal means to deal with dogs while carrying out an investigation. Eddie’s work is invaluable as it is saving numerous dogs from death by cops’ shooting and saving families from loss.

Misfortune fell on Eddie, however, recently when he became disabled and lost his job. The man who kept helping others for years suddenly found himself in need of help in form of donations so as to be able to pay his rent and bills as well as keep his beloved pet dog.

For the past two months, Eddie has survived on donations from caring people, thanks to them. A new fundraiser meanwhile has been set up by animal rights activist and writer Denise Carey-Costa to help Eddie pay the coming month’s expenses. The fundraiser is online at the link and all caring people are requested to donate to Eddie’s cause – helping him and his pet dog in recognition of the great work he has been doing to serve others.

Thanking in anticipation on Eddie’s behalf!

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