Florida University Moves to Fire Teacher over Questioning Sandy Hook

Florida University Moves to Fire Teacher over Questioning Sandy Hook

Update: December 19, 2017 – The web host of our blog threatened to suspend our site account unless we remove an image used with this post showing the image of Sandy Hook’s alleged victim Noah Pozner as part of a poster used in demonstrations in Pakistan showing pics of December 2014 APS terror attack’s victims. The complaint was made to our web host by someone called Lenny Pozner allegedly father of the alleged victim Noah Pozner. To keep the site running without a snag, we chose to remove the image but it can be found online at some sites. This move of desperation for censorship comes as addition evidence that Sandy Hook was indeed Sandy Hoax and its production team had no choice left but to resort to censorship after they started slipping down the holes in their own narrative.

It’s been 3 years now since the story of Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, CT, stormed all venues of information. As questions continue to point at the dubious authenticity of that incident, institutions are reportedly targeting skeptics of Sandy Hook.

Earlier this month, Florida Atlantic University moved to sack an associate professor, James Tracy, who continues to probe the incident and blogging about it. Tracy not only raises questions about the reality of widely publicized Sandy Hook “killings” but also went on to demand proof of the identity of Noah Pozner – the most publicized “victim” of Sandy Hook whose funeral, as it is claimed, was the only one where the coffin was kept open.

Questions about Noah’s identity are all over the web. From planting trees in Israel to being spotted among the victims of Pakistan’s APS attack, Pozner has been the most discussed mystery child of mass shootings anywhere.

But amidst widespread skepticism of Sandy Hook – or Sandy Hoax, as skeptics call it – firing a teacher for raising questions and doing his personal investigation does sound fishy as a cover-up. In fact it only fuels the deep suspicion of the reality of that incident and raises questions about freedom of information.

Is truth institutionally defined and enforced? This is the question of utmost importance in today’s society where mass media has been put to challenge by cyber/social media and more voices can freely reach audiences than ever.

Watch the Sandy Hook related video that is said to be one of the most censored videos on YouTube.

More on this topic will be coming up on Word Matters soon.

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