Establishment in Panic with Revealing New Documentary on American Deep State

Establishment in Panic with Revealing New Documentary on American Deep State

Update (August 29, 2020): Millie Weaver reported on Twitter that Shadow Gate has been banned even from the Banned Video site. So the post below is switching the embedded video link to BitChute instead of Banned Video.

Two whistle-blowers came out with damaging revelations of the deep state that has attempted to overthrow the Trump presidency via Russia collusion scheme and other means detailed in this new documentary. And the leftist establishment went into instant panic.

Shadow Gate is the documentary by conservative investigative journalist Millie Weaver who interviewed two tech whistle-blowers who were part of the cyber psychological warfare project ShadowNet – a web of data collection, spying, and blackmail – operated by the deep state (military-industrial complex) to control the minds of the public as well as the political decisions of the governments, even getting Obama elected via systematic manipulation of opinion. But since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, an event that failed their scheme of total control, the shadow government thus formed years ago and getting stronger each passing year launched its war on the Trump administration using media, intel, and politicians as its weapons.

The documentary is so revealing and damaging to the establishment as it literally shows it all. No surprises then that Millie Weaver was arrested on August 14th right at the time when she was about to post the documentary video online. Her arrest was so dramatic and revealing in itself that Natural News called it abduction by the deep state.

Weaver has now been release on a bond, according to The Tennessee Star, and her trial date is set for November this year as she pleads not guilty to the charges against her. Aside from Fox News, mainstream media have categorically blacked out on the news of Weaver’s arrest or the release of her documentary, apparently from the fear that any mention of her would bring more attention to the video and the details revealed in it.

Meanwhile, the documentary Shadow Gate is getting hundreds of new views each passing minute and has already received 1.8 million views on Banned Video. The documentary is free to watch and is included below.

2 thoughts on “Establishment in Panic with Revealing New Documentary on American Deep State

  1. You should be truthful! Their arrests stem from a domestic violence call from Millie’s mom back in April! The documentary awesome but the arrest has zero to do with a shadow gov’t. fear. This is misleading! Were not like the POS dems. Therefore, I am disturbed at the lack of candor in this article!

    1. “The arrest has zero to do with a shadow govt fear?” How can you prove this? Do you know the intentions of the authorities? I find it quite interesting that the so-called “domestic violence” call was made in April and they waited 4 months to the exact day when she was about to post the video to arrest her and her dear ones. I don’t think you are disturbed at the “lack of candor” in this article but you are definitely disturbed at the presence of something in this article. And by the way, are you too scared to include even a first or last name if not full? “D” and your email address both evoke suspicion to your identity.

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