Drunk-Driving and Why You Should Have Your DWI Lawyer in Rochester NY On Standby

Drunk-Driving and Why You Should Have Your DWI Lawyer in Rochester NY On Standby

by Nicole Rodriguez

Have you recently found yourself getting in trouble with the law? For what reason, may I ask? Wait, don’t tell me. I can pretty much guess what’s going on here. But for the sake of confirming: Did you drunk drive again?

Of course you did. In fact, we all do – at least at some point in our lives. You’re not the only person on earth who’s guilty of Driving While Intoxicated (see definition). There probably isn’t even a single driver who’s never done it. So believe us when we tell you that we empathize with your situation. Take it as a show of concern from one fellow driver to another.

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It is not uncommon, you see. Most of us work 6 days a week, usually for more hours than what’s standard. A 10 to 12-hour workday can really drain you of all life and energy. And having to repeat the same routine over and over again? It’s dreadful really. This is why we turn to things that can “potentially” lift our spirits. Coincidentally, they also happen to bear the same name – spirits.

I am referring to alcohol like tequila, bourbon, whiskey, rum, vodka, and whatnot. Collectively, they are referred to as “spirits” probably because they can literally evoke your spirits – whatever that means. We also have fermented alcohol like beer and ale which may be considered “lighter” but will still definitely get you drunk once you drink one too many bottles. I don’t know if I’m just speaking for the minority here but believe me; some people really set weekly appointments with these little devils. Well, for reasons that we can all relate to for sure.

Work is hard. Relationships are harder. And life can be sometimes unbearable. People we call “drunks” are often people who have it worst. And while I can never agree with drunk-driving and detest the consequences that result from it, I can at least empathize with the various situations people are going through. To an extent, I understand how draining and exhausting work is. To an extent, I have suffered a fair share of pain because of failed relationships. To an extent, I know and I’ve experienced how cruel life could be.

You have all the freedom to drink, whatever your reasons may be. However, this does not mean you are given permission to “drink and drive” at the same time. Check out: https://www.verywellmind.com/why-you-should-never-drink-and-drive-67117.

It’s 2019 already people. Let’s learn how to be responsible alcoholics.

To avoid getting in conflict with the law over drunk-driving, here are some tips I can leave you:

1. Never drink more than what you can manage.Surely, this isn’t the first time you’re drinking out. If it is, please just leave your car. You should only bring a vehicle when you’ve already met with your “tipsy self.” When you’re a habitual drinker, you should know when to stop. There’s a fine line between being tipsy and drunk. Never cross that line if you want to get home in one piece.

2. Never drink out alone. You may think that you’re having the worst day of your life. But no matter how bad it is, don’t drink without a friend. Not only will a pal give you emotional support; he will serve as your safety net as well. To increase your odds of getting home safely (and with no warrant), bring the responsible-type of friend – capeesh?

3. When in trouble, having a DWI lawyer around would come in handy. Before a case even starts, getting yourself acquainted with a DWI lawyer, like the ones at dwiguy.com, “just in case” is a wise move. They will definitely come to your aid should you get in real trouble or when you’re wrongfully accused. There are so many talented lawyers out there. Choose someone who’s knowledgeable about these types of cases.

4. Only drink in pubs that you usually visit. Bartenders and staff tend to take care of repeat customers much better. They’ve also seen you drunk so they can tell whether you’re “sober-drunk” or “insane-drunk.” Responsible pubs usually don’t let customers drive while drunk. They’d call you a cab instead.

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Nicole is a full-time content writer. She lives in Ohio with her husband, 2 daughters and their dogs.

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