COVID Vaccines Providing Long-Term Immunity Is a Lie

COVID Vaccines Providing Long-Term Immunity Is a Lie

Promoting the useless and dangerous COVID vaccines currently tops the priority list of propaganda mobs. Hence we see fake science stories like Elizabeth Gulino’s “Vaccinated People Who Had COVID-19 May Be Immune For A Very Long Time” featured on the leftist propaganda platform Yahoo.

The very foundation of the story, originally published in another propaganda rag Refinery 29,is based on ignorance of basic science but also on hidden information from the so-called research cited in the story. The very first line of the story gives it away:

The COVID-19 vaccines have allowed many of us to take a collective sigh of relief.

Many of us? The mouthpiece for the vaccine industry uses the plural “us” to preset the reader’s attention on collective feeling of relief because the vaccines are being administered – a tried tactic to assume the leader’s position and put people as subordinates – speaking for all when it’s just the speaker’s own opinion.

The propagandist in question then cites two studies that do not show what the story claims. Interestingly, the story admits even before including the particulars of the studies that it’s not verified or established science.

These results are far from certain: The two studies in question are small and not yet peer-reviewed, so more research must be done to confirm the findings.

Yet the story continues to infer unreasonably that the COVID vaccines will provide long-term protection against the alleged disease. It’s easy to see that the propagandist admits it’s the experience of the alleged COVID 19 infection itself that provided the so-called immunity. But she then assumes that the vaccines will provide immunity to people who already have recovered from the disease.

This is blatant mockery of science since one shows natural immunity on fighting off an infection, meaning their immune system is capable of doing its job and they don’t need anything to do its job for it. Good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and stress-free time is all they need to keep their immune system functional.

Toward the end of the story, the propagandist repeats the lie.

Again, more research is needed to draw solid conclusions from these studies, but these findings are promising, and reinforce what we already know: that COVID-19 vaccinations really work.

We already know the COVID vaccines work? That is another cliched tactic: to toss one’s own inference or opinion out there for others to accept as “our fact” when it’s not. The only thing that is at work here is the partnership of fake science and propaganda media networks to sell the pharmaceutical mafia’s agenda as cure to healthy people using the weapon of scaremongering.

The study published in the journal nature, cited by Gulino, will be debunked in a video soon and included below. Stay tuned!

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