Coronavirus 19 Not a High Consequence Infection Disease in Britain

Coronavirus 19 Not a High Consequence Infection Disease in Britain

The ongoing global scaremongering for coronavirus 19 infection (COVID 19) is being undermined one revelation a time as sceptics and real investigators look at the actual stats and un/under-reported facts about the issue. In the latest such analysis, it has been revealed that the United Kingdom officially does not believe COVID 19 to be as scary as it was originally declared.

On Brighteon, a vlogger by the channel name ErikSeesAll posted a video about the official acknowledgment of the British government that the COVID 19 is no more a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK. His video is included below.

This is confirmed by the screenshot of the mentioned site (see the link).

So Britain officially does not consider the latest coronavirus infection as “high-consequence” meaning not as deadly or dangerous as first thought. The site mentions that the mortality rate of the infection remains “low overall”.

So the globalist establishment, while trying to hurt America and the west, are pushing for shutdowns and lockdowns, official evaluation of the COVID 19 itself remains short of alarming or high-risk as the establishment would like you to believe.

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