Copywriting 101: What Are the Top Online Courses for Copywriters?

Copywriting 101: What Are the Top Online Courses for Copywriters?

by Luka Vera

What is the role of a Copywriter?

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions in the literature production industry that has come up numerous times, is the uncertainty between what a writer, an editor, and a copywriter do. Some may think all three do the same thing, however, we are here to clear things up for you.

A Writer is an umbrella term that defines someone who has either already written some piece of literature like a book or a novel or is in the process of doing so. It could also mean someone who does writing as a profession either online or on paper, for a company or as a freelancer.

They don’t necessarily have to have a publication but one thing that sets them apart from other professions is their love for putting pen to paper and the effect their words have on its readers – this is vital. Writing has always been a noble vocation since the beginning of time.

An Editor is someone who makes the final decision on what gets published. For example, if it is in a newspaper publication company, the editor will approve the articles that go into the final current issue. The same goes with magazines, books and any form of literature created by a writer(s) for the public. Both the writer and editor work hand-in-hand to create and edit any given publication until it is sent to the printers. Learn more about this relationship

A Copywriter is writing these words that you are reading right now. They are the good-looking (slight smirk) professional folks who sit behind their laptops or desktop computers putting words together through sheer skill and talent. But most importantly, through their personal desire and love for writing, so that people can read their words and enjoy them.

Their writing consists of a number of aspects brought together to fulfill the end goal of publishing their work for the public’s eye. Aspects such as tone of voice, emotion, grammar, sentence structure, etc all play an essential part in the final product.

If that ‘e’ on the page is not supposed to be there, you will find it and fix it. If you can’t stand bad grammar or spelling in an article and you get an itch to amend it immediately, or perhaps you are pedantic about fixing the grammar of sentences so they are better understood by the reader – you may have a hidden copy writers persona in you.

Now that we have cleared things up for you. Let’s get to the crux of the article – learning how to become a Copywriter.

There are a few ways, including studying it in school or university or working as an intern in a company and learning through a hands-on approach slowly as you go along. However, the most effective way to learn, that we have seen, is online. By finding the best copywriting course that’s available to you, you can cut your learning time in half and be more appealing to those professional industries that are looking for someone to assist them in this regard.

We have looked into a few different options and chosen three – Not just the one that has the best sales pitch, but the option that actually teaches you the fundamentals from scratch to become one of the best.


This institution has possibly one of the world’s most known and preferred online copywriting courses. They have what they call ‘an accelerated course’ that was introduced and produced by a renowned copywriter himself named Mark Ford.

Once you complete this course, the length of which is determined by you – not only will you have a remarkable portfolio to show for it, but also be a part of the insider information and secrets that will help you attain a successful career path within the profession and earn a living for it, if that it the direction that appeals to you.

The advantage of taking this course is that it is offered online and so you can learn from anywhere in the world. The end result is knowledge which you can take with you either in the working world or as a freelancer. Read more here.

The cost: $495


The main focus of this course is to teach you how to write digital content and business to business copy (B2B) that focuses on content for SEO (Search engine Optimisation). In a nut-shell, you will learn to write for a thing like social media and websites. Compiled by one of the most influential SEO copywriters, Heather Llyod-Martin. It has some rave reviews.

The course lasts 3 months and is done online as well. Once completed you are gifted with an SEO copywriting certification.

The cost: $995


What we like about this course is that the first month is FREE, and thereafter you pay a very reasonable price for learning materials. Not to mention LinkedIn is one of the most popular and foremost networking platforms online with almost 260 million users, and those are only the active users. The database itself had almost 580 million users in total since 2019.

This course is specifically designed for beginners and has an online instructor that teaches you first hand – Ian Lurie, who is the CEO of a marketing agency. It teaches you to write your first copy to the ‘how to’ of typography and also how to manage writers whom you may be working along-side.

It is choc-o-block with lectures, assignments, hands-on experience and even quizzes that encourage participants to join in on the fun.

Cost: 1st month FREE.

These courses above are merely touching the tip of the iceberg. There are many more out there, but we thought we could get you started on these for now.


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