Connecticut Governor Caught Lying about Coronavirus Causing Infant’s Death

Connecticut Governor Caught Lying about Coronavirus Causing Infant’s Death

The fake coronavirus COVID 19 death toll is being exposed one lie a time as Connecticut governor Ned Lamont has been caught lying red-handed about an infant dying of the coronavirus infection.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens was cited yesterday by The Gateway Pundit for calling out Connecticut governor Ned Lamont, a Democrat, for lying about the death of an infant this week. Owens was cited as:

People reached out who had their hands in this, reached out to me privately and said, “I want to expose that Governor Ned Lamont is lying and that this infant died because blank.”

Owens also said that the governor should resign over lying to the public.

In a more updated post published, Washington Examiner included Owens’ follow-up tweet (included below) about the Governor Lamont’s news briefing wherein he struggles to answer a question about his claim that the baby died of coronavirus. In the video the governor is seen saying that his determination of cause of death could be totally different from the medical examiner’s determination of it. Try to make sense of it!!!

Owens has not only exposed the lie of the Connecticut governor but has blown a big hole in the already flimsy narrative of mainstream propaganda mobs that have been scaremongering the public about coronavirus round the clock and presenting death and infection figures not verified by independent and objective sources. This story reveals just the tip of the big corona mortality hoax that has been used an excuse to shut down and lock down America and several other countries in the west.

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