Berlin Film Festival Ends Gender-Based Award Categories

Berlin Film Festival Ends Gender-Based Award Categories

Liberalist denial of gender, which in essence is the denial of existence of men and women, is directed at name-changing, which in essence is a well-known way of lying. The latest to join this saga of lies and deceit is the Berlin International Film Festival of Germany. The festival has announced ending the gender-based award categories.

Ending the gender-based award categories means there won’t be any award for best actor or best actress, starting next year’s event, which is scheduled for February. Instead, the festival will give away awards for “best performance”, leading and supporting.

The decision is driven by the ongoing liberal zeal for gender-neutral view of the world—a world where there are no men or women but just persons. In other words, they want to see men as persons and women the same but not recognize that men are not women and vice versa.

Gender awards

In nature however men and women are not physically the same and they develop personalities parts of which are based directly on their sex; even their emotional needs have sex-based foundations. The denial to see this is a classic example of self-deception. In the case of liberals, however, it is also the deception of others—those who lack critical thinking skills and go with the clicks on social media and what the celebs order.

Denial of gender also means men and women are pitted against each other in various social events. In the entertainment world, for instance, there is less opportunity for both men and women when there are gender-neutral awards because two opportunities have been removed and merged into one opportunity for which both men and women compete.

Interestingly, the same liberals that wage war against the binary gender system of distinction (men and women) have been working to create new genders based on nothing else but sex. Genders like “cis man” for example refer to the “man” part as the essential identity. Similarly the terms “female to male” (FTM) and “male to female” (FTM) that are commonly used on social media these days to describe one’s gender play the same two notes—male and female—that they supposedly deny. The only difference is they play the two together and deceive themselves and others into believing they have created a new gender and done away with the “traditional” gender identities.

Someone famously said that liberalism is a mental disorder. Looking at the way liberals operate today it is difficult to deny that claim with reason. After all, a disorder in psychology is “atypical” behavior pattern that tends to cause dysfunction and distress in life.

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