Add a Warm, Cozy Feeling to Your Living Room

Add a Warm, Cozy Feeling to Your Living Room

by Daniel Bell

The living room is where the heart of the home is. It’s where you, your family and friends can spend time idly relaxing the time away in a completely comfortable environment. That is, if your living room actually feels warm and comfortable. Perhaps your room just isn’t there yet and you’re looking for ways to achieve that warm, homey feeling. If that’s the case, keep reading. Our advice on giving your room that coziness should give you a few ideas where to go from here.

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Color Matters

We have a lot of feelings that can be conjured with but a simple choice of color. When it comes to painting, wallpaper and furniture, choose the colors carefully. For a cozy feeling, you want the warmer colours, from oranges and light pinks to the harder, brighter reds.

Add a Little Something of Yourself

The best way to make something feel comfortable and inviting is to ensure that you feel entirely at home in it. One way to do just that is to really make the place your own. There are all kinds of great DIY ornaments you can make that you would be happy to display in your home. Marbled vases have a bright, colorful appeal. Keeping something of your own making in view is a quick way to make your living room feel like it actually belongs to you.

Keep the Fire Going

If you have a fireplace going, the most straightforward way to keep the room feeling nice and warm is to actually warm it up. Nothing says comfort like the sight of a crackling fire on an otherwise dull night. Certainly Woods extra small bulk bag can help you achieve this effect. In fact, storing your wood near the fireplace only adds to that cozy feeling.

Gorgeous Flooring

A tactile sense of comfort is just as important as how the room looks. You’ve already got the warmth settled if you’ve followed the above advice now give your living a feel of luxury. Dark wooden flooring goes well with warm colors and a fireplace. Tie it all together with the right rug and your living room will look and feel more inviting than ever.

Give It that Personal Touch

As well as you own DIY décor, there’s another way to add a level of personal comfort to any room. Create a photo display of you and your loved ones and arrange it to make a chic gallery wall. It can work excellently as the focal point to any room, especially when arranged above the fireplace. Those fond memories will surely give you all the more reason to get comfortable in your living room.

The Right Light

Light has a lot to do with how we see rooms. Too much can give a sterile, clinical effect that seems to drain color away. Too little can make it too dark to relax in. When choosing lights, the keyword ‘warm’ will usually get you shades that are closer towards a warm yellow glow instead of bright white. If your room’s color coordinated in other warm shades, it’ll all blend perfectly in together.

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